Warehouse Management πŸ“¦

May 30, 2022

This project is to manage your product (ex: ⌚watch). you can add product and edit quantity as you like. I implemented login and signup using firebase to make sure only authorize user can add product to the site.

I designed the project using figma and developed it using react, and for css framework used tailwind. And for Back-End I used NodeJs(Express), MongoDB(Mongoose) to store data and for backend auth used JWT.

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Project Preview

Key Technologies


react React
tailwind Tailwindcss
axios Axios
firebase auth Firebase Auth


nodejs NodeJs
tailwind ExpressJs
axios MongoDB
mongoose Mongoose
jwt JWT

User can login using google or email and password, for authentication i used firebase and to make it more simple i used "react-firebase-hooks": "^5.0.3"

login preview

Login Page

Users can see all products in a table where user can edit the product quantity or delete the product.

table preview

Login Page

The whole website is mobile responsive but still not perfect in my mind. In coming future I will try to improve the project in many ways. If anyone intersted to work on the project just create an .env

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